Honest Frank

Page Updated September 24, 2016.

Honest Frank

Frankie Cucchiara nicknamed himself Honest Frank because
he's a Good person who's Honest And Frank about things!

I Preach The Honest And Frank Truth
from my Honest And Frank, Religion of Angels, LIVE on
The Honest And Frank Show
on HonestAndFrank.TV!

I am constantly Slandered, Bullied and Banned
on many Streaming sites because I'm Good and a STAR
because I tell the Honest and Frank Truth
and am Falsely Reported with Edited Screenshots
by many Stupid, Delusional, Sick Jealous Haters
as if I violated the Law or the sites TOS.

I also do Professional Interviews and
Operate on people's Minds as their
Natural Born Therapist with
The Honest And Frank Truth,
like a Surgeon using a Scalpel,
and I hit a Nerve and it really Hurts my Patients
but they need my Operations in order for them to
Be Good For Their Own Good So They Can
Be Happy And High On Life NATURALLY

The Honest And Frank Show!

If you Speak to me on Cam, on the Phone, in Chat, etc.,
you are giving me your Permission to Record it,
Rebroadcast it LIVE, show Videos of it, etc.,
anywhere like on
HonestAndFrank.TV, etc.

More about Honest Frank is Coming Soon.